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Strengthening Bilateral Relations: Rwanda and France Seal €400 Million Economic Development Alliance

Rwanda and France Forge a €400 Million Economic Development Alliance

In an ambitious move to reinforce their bilateral relations, Rwanda and France recently inked agreements poised to inject €400 million into pivotal sectors of the Rwandan economy. The comprehensive partnership, spanning from 2024 to 2028, aims to catalyze progress in health, environmental conservation, and educational advancements, marking a significant stride in the cooperation between the two nations.

The momentous agreements were finalized during a meeting between Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Dr. Vincent Biruta, and his French counterpart, Stéphane Séjourné, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs. This high-level engagement not only underscored the existing camaraderie but also paved the way for two critical agreements: an Air Services Agreement which promises enhanced connectivity and a bilateral development partnership agreement that sets the stage for multifaceted economic engagement over the next four years.

The dialogue between the ministers occurred against the significant backdrop of Kwibuka 30 activities, with Minister Séjourné leading a French delegation to partake in the commemorations. Both dignitaries expressed their countries’ dedication to bolstering development efforts, with a particular emphasis on supporting Rwanda’s journey towards sustainable growth.

Dr. Biruta highlighted the progressive cooperation between the nations, crediting the French Development Agency for its instrumental role in funding a variety of projects in Rwanda since 2021. “France has been vehemently supporting entrepreneurship, particularly in the realms of renewable energy and digital transformation,” Dr. Biruta remarked, underlining the positive trajectory of their collaborative efforts.

He also reminisced about the pivotal agreement signed in June of the previous year on the avoidance of double taxation, a significant step towards fostering a conducive environment for trade and investment. Additionally, the establishment of thrice-weekly RwandAir flights between Paris and Kigali was hailed as a vital link enriching the economic and cultural connections between the two capitals.

The bonds between Rwanda and France run deep, sharing membership in the International Organization of the Francophonie, which further solidifies their commitment to nurturing their partnership in the forthcoming years.

On his end, Minister Séjourné expressed his honor in participating not just in formal agreements but also in paying homage to the Genocide against the Tutsi’s 30th anniversary. He acknowledged the complexities of reconciliation and the efforts both nations have invested in rebuilding trust and friendship.

Séjourné detailed France’s dedication to acknowledging its historical responsibilities, citing the opening of archival records and the establishment of commissions aimed at transparency and justice for atrocities committed. France’s commitment extends to legal proceedings against suspects on French soil, demonstrating a stand against impunity.

Reflecting on the enhanced legal and commemorative efforts, including the planned commemorative monument in Paris, Séjourné remarked on the robust and mutually beneficial partnership that has evolved between France and Rwanda. “With over 500 million euros disbursed in the past five years, France has solidified its role as a major partner in Rwanda’s development journey,” he concluded, pointing towards a future of continued collaboration and mutual growth.

As Rwanda and France forge ahead with this impactful partnership, the commitment to shared prosperity and development offers a bright outlook for the key sectors targeted. It’s a testament to the strength of diplomatic engagement and the positive outcomes it can yield for nations committed to progress and mutual support.

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