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Bridging the Gap: AATF’s Innovative Greenhouse Set to Revolutionize African Agricultural Practices


A New Dawn in Agricultural Research: The Gift of Innovation

In an inspiring move towards enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability, the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) has officially transferred a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility to the Institute For Agricultural Research (IAR). This significant gesture is part of the broader PBR Cowpea Seed Project, benefiting from the generous backing of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

The newly upgraded greenhouse is a marvel of modern agricultural technology, designed to revolutionize seed storage, production, and other critical facilities. During the official handing over ceremony, Dr. Emmanuel Okogbenin, the Director of Programme Development and Commercialisation, expressed the foundation’s dedication to innovation and progress in the agricultural sector.

Dr. Okogbenin emphasized the greenhouse’s advanced features, including a 100KVA solar power system, highlighting the commitment to leveraging renewable energy sources for agricultural advancements. He pointed out that the facility’s enhancements play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and viability of PBR cowpea nucleus, breeder, and foundation seeds during storage, ensuring the seeds’ genetic integrity is impeccably preserved.

Beyond seed preservation, the facility’s vision encompasses enhancing seed quality and productivity. It includes solar-powered irrigation facilities spanning two hectares, facilitating year-round seed production. This initiative equips researchers and, subsequently, farmers with essential tools to thrive in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape.

Okogbenin expressed gratitude towards the BMGF for their financial support, making this project feasible. He also lauded the dedication and expertise of researchers and technicians, whose efforts were pivotal in turning this vision into reality.

In response, Professor Ado Yusuf, the Executive Director of IAR, reflected on the two-decade-long partnership with AATF. He praised the delivery of critical facilities, which will significantly streamline the institute’s research activities. Highlighting the significance of the cooling facilities, Professor Ado assured diligent utilization of the resources, emphasizing the impact this would have on expediting research undertakings.

This collaboration between AATF and IAR, underpinned by the support from BMGF, marks a significant milestone in the journey towards innovative and sustainable agricultural practices. The upgraded greenhouse facility not only symbolizes a leap forward in seed research and preservation but also reinforces the collective commitment to improving agricultural productivity and food security.


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