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Ninh Thuận Province: Elevating Vietnamese Tourism through Innovation and Cultural Heritage

Ninh Thuận Province Elevates Its Tourism Game

In a strategy to transform its tourism sector into a dominant economic force, Ninh Thuận Province is soaring to new heights with an ambitious plan. The strategic initiative aims at not only expanding the scale but enhancing the quality of its tourism offerings, as outlined by the provincial leaders. Ninh Thuận is mapping out a future where its natural beauty and cultural heritage become keystones in an eclectic and thriving tourist economy.

Majestically located in the south central part of Vietnam, Ninh Thuận flaunts an array of captivating destinations, encompassing pristine beaches and picturesque landscapes. Accessibility is a breeze thanks to a network including air, land, rail, and sea routes, unlocking this hidden gem to explorers from all corners of the globe.

With an eye on the future, Ninh Thuận is crafting a path towards tourism excellence through the development of signature tourism products and services. These endeavours aim to add unparalleled value and competitive edge, whilst embracing the digital era and focusing on the cultivation of a skilled workforce dedicated to premium tourism services. Strategic leverages of its unique tourism assets and forging connections with neighboring destinations are among the key pillars of this visionary plan.

Zeroing in on four main tourism verticals — coastal resorts, cultural immersions with a focus on Chàm heritage, high-tech agricultural tours, and Eco-tourism tethered to Núi Chúa National Park — Ninh Thuận is poised to offer an unparalleled tourist experience. It doesn’t stop there; innovative tourism products like adventure and exploration entertainment, semi-wild hunting, experiential travel, as well as health and wellness retreats are being rolled out. Further enriching the tourist palette, the province offers community-oriented entertainment tours, culinary expeditions, renewable energy facility tours, along with a variety of commercial services.

To strategically enhance its tourism landscape, Ninh Thuận is segmented into four distinct zones, each with its unique appeal. The heart of it lies in Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm City, offering a vibrant mix of urban exploration, beachside relaxation, gastronomy, and nightlife. The northeast serves as a haven for marine, forest, and agricultural eco-tourism, spotlighting the regions’ grape and wine production prowess. Meanwhile, the southeast zone beckons with its resort tourism and exploration opportunities across majestic sand dunes and salt fields. Lastly, the western zone is dedicated to fostering community tourism and forest eco-tourism.

As part of its tourism crescendo, Ninh Thuận sets ambitious targets; aiming to welcome 3.5 million visitors and generate significant revenue by 2025. This surge in tourism is expected to contribute substantially to the province’s gross regional domestic product and employment rates. By 2030, the expectation is to transform tourism into a leading economic sector, doubling visitor numbers and revenue from its rich tapestry of cultural, ecological, and recreational offerings.

Motivated by these goals, Ninh Thuận has laid the groundwork to attract investment in grand-scale tourism projects. Numerous tourism initiatives have been encapsulated in their ambitious plans, propelled by a slew of promotional activities and events that have already begun to draw both domestic and international visitors in record numbers. Among these, notable highlights include the Ninh Thuận Grape-Wine Festival and receiving UNESCO recognition for the ceramic art of the Chăm people, underscoring the cultural richness awaiting visitors.

Besides cultural feasts, Ninh Thuận’s natural allure with its vast coastlines, warm, sunny climate suitable for diverse agricultural activities, and scenic landscapes, positions it as a year-round destination. Iconic locales such as Vinh Hy Bay, which ranks among Vietnam’s top beaches, along with Ninh Chữ, Bình Tiên, and Cà Ná, fascinate with natural splendor, inviting adventurers and relaxation seekers alike.

Ninh Thuận is embarking on a journey to not just elevate its tourism sector but to set new benchmarks in offering a holistic and enriching visitor experience. With its strategic initiatives, the province aspires to become a beacon of cultural preservation, natural beauty, and sustainable development in Vietnam’s tourism map. As Ninh Thuận unfolds its tapestry of experiences, it invites the world to explore its unique blend of heritage, nature, and innovation.

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