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UAE Leads Ocean Preservation Efforts: Setting Bold Targets and Fostering Global Partnerships

UAE Takes Bold Steps Towards Pristine Oceans

In a recent convergence of minds in San Jose, Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) showcased its fervent commitment to ocean preservation, marking a significant step forward in the global fight against marine degradation. The assembly, named Ocean Action: Immersed in Change, served as a precursor to the anticipated third UN Ocean Conference slated for next year in Nice, Paris. The two-day event, which aligned with World Oceans Day celebrations, was a hotspot for fruitful discussions on escalating ambitions to heal our oceans.

Under the stewardship of Dr. Amna Bint Abdullah Al Dahak, the UAE’s Minister for Climate Change and Environment, the nation’s delegation took a proactive stance in the discourse on safeguarding marine ecosystems. Dr. Al Dahak, in high-level panel discussions alongside her global counterparts, shed light on the UAE’s strides towards the ambitious 30X30 target—aiming for the conservation of 30% of the planet’s oceans by 2030.

Amidst her address, Dr. Al Dahak elaborated on the pivotal role of ocean ecosystems in the UAE’s socioeconomic fabric, emphasizing sustainable fisheries and burgeoning aquaculture as testament to the nation’s commitment. Furthermore, she highlighted the significant forward leap towards including oceans within the broader context of climate action. One notable stride is the ambitious pledge to implant 100 million mangroves by the close of the decade, illustrating a tangible commitment to restoring marine biodiversity.

The UAE’s dedication to fostering global partnerships in combatting climate challenges also took center stage. Through initiatives like the Mangrove Alliance for Climate (MAC) and the Mangrove Breakthrough, the UAE in partnership with Indonesia and 42 other countries, embarks on a quest to amplify mangrove conservation. These efforts aim at restoring 15 million hectares of mangroves worldwide by 2030 with the mobilization of $4 billion in finance. Additionally, the innovative ‘2030 Seagrass Breakthrough’ initiative underscores the multifaceted benefits of seagrasses in climate mitigation and the enhancement of local communities.

Ahead of the third UN Ocean Conference (UNOC 2025), Dr. Al Dahak calls for sustained momentum towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 14: the conservation and sustainable usage of oceans, seas, and marine resources. She underscores the significance of setting crystal-clear goals to shield our oceans from the threats of climate change, pollution, and overfishing, echoing this year’s World Oceans Day theme, ‘Awaken New Depths’. This thematic pursuit encourages a deeper understanding of oceanic nuances and galvanizes collective action from all societal sectors towards oceanic well-being.

Dr. Al Dahak also highlighted the indispensability of multilateral collaboration in protecting marine biodiversity and addressing ocean waste. By emphasizing the importance of adequate funding mechanisms and international cooperation, she presents a unified front against oceanic adversaries.

With a focus on Promoting Peace for the Ocean, the objectives were clear: to recognize the ocean as a shared global treasure necessitating a collaborative approach to conservation. Dr. Al Dahak underscored the necessity of multilateral partnerships to foster cooperation on pressing oceanic issues and projected the upcoming UNOC as a crucial platform for catalyzing joint action.

The UAE’s proactive participation and contributions to Ocean Action: Immersed in Change in Costa Rica have spotlighted the country’s leadership in ocean advocacy. Through strategic initiatives and international cooperation, the UAE is steering the helm towards healthier, more resilient oceans, proving its steadfast resolve to turn our oceans as clear as crystal.

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