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Tech Trailblazer Morris Chang Sells Prized Hawaiian Villa for NT$125 Million Amidst Tech Elite Real Estate Surge

Taiwan’s Tech Titan, Morris Chang, Parts with Cherished Hawaiian Retreat for NT$125 Million

In a move that has caught the eye of both the tech and real estate worlds, Morris Chang, the revered founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), has sold his luxurious villa in Hawaii for a staggering NT$125 million. This transaction comes amidst frenzied activity among tech elites, with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s recent vacation to Hawaii further spotlighting the high-profile property transactions in the region.

Huang’s journey to Hawaii, accompanied by his family to a sumptuous vacation spot, directly followed his tour of Taiwan. This, paired with his known fellowship with Chang, drew attention to Chang’s erstwhile residence in the idyllic destination. Previously a favored spot for Chang to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the sale of his Hawaiian estate marks a pivot, with Chang choosing to spend recent holidays in Taiwan, signaling a preference for staying closer to home in his retirement years.

Chang’s influence on Taiwan’s tech industry cannot be overstated, earning him the nickname the “NT$3 Trillion Man.” His interactions with industry giants such as Huang have been a subject of fascination, particularly when Huang makes it a point to visit Chang in Taiwan. Their bond is further highlighted by Huang’s surprise visit to Taiwan last year to celebrate Chang’s receipt of the “K. T. Li Award,” an event that underscored the depth of their relationship through a series of intimate gatherings with industry leaders.

Chang’s Hawaiian property, a testament to his success, was no less remarkable than his professional achievements. The villa, which he once shared with his wife, Sophie, commanded stunning vistas of Honolulu’s coastline from its 21,568 square foot living area, including four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

However, their last Lunar New Year holiday there was an unconventional one. Sophie Chang revealed they spent 42 days in isolation, a testament to their enduring companionship and love, reminiscent of scenes from a romantic drama. The absence of internet and inability to venture out did little to dampen their spirits, with their time in Hawaii proving to be a serene retreat.

Despite the sale, the legacy of their Hawaiian retreat lingers in the fond memories shared by Chang and his wife, alongside the remarkable story of success and camaraderie that marks Chang’s storied career in the semiconductor industry. As the villa finds new owners, the Changs continue to enjoy their time together in Taiwan, celebrating a well-earned retirement and a life richly lived.

The sale underscores a trend among high-net-worth individuals in the tech industry seeking or divesting luxury properties in exclusive locales. With Chang’s departure from the Hawaiian real estate market, all eyes will be on who next will claim their stake in paradise, and what that signifies for the tech industry’s luminaries and their lifestyle choices.–>

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