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Sungrow’s 2023 Sustainability Report: Championing a Greener Future with Photovoltaic Inverters and Energy Storage Systems

Sungrow Releases Its 2023 Sustainability Report Highlighting Commitment to Greener Future

In a significant stride towards harnessing a sustainable future, Sungrow, a pioneer in providing photovoltaic inverters and energy storage systems, has unveiled its sustainability achievements for the year 2023. This disclosure marks the company’s ninth year of commitment towards environmental stewardship, underlining its relentless pursuit of sustainability intertwined with its business growth.

As the globe rallies towards a consensus on the urgency of renewable energy adoption, Sungrow is at the forefront, doubling down on its dedication to advancing clean energy solutions. In its latest sustainability report, Sungrow demonstrates its focus across a spectrum of technologies including solar, wind energy, storage solutions, hydrogen energy, and electric vehicle technologies, thereby reaffirming its position as a multifaceted provider of power equipment solutions.

Embracing the Earth’s cause, Sungrow operates under the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) mantra of “Green Mission, Better Life”. The company has been proactive in magnifying its influence in areas of professional expertise and is resolute in achieving corporate objectives that resonate with sustainable development and business expansion.

Excellence in Governance and Innovation

To streamline its sustainability and strategic initiatives, Sungrow upgraded its internal governance structure, reinforcing the Strategy and Sustainable Development Committee which focuses on sustainable corporate progression. The company’s innovation-led growth strategy bolstered its leadership in global PV inverter shipments and energy storage systems—achievements that highlight its commitment to excellence.

With an investment of $347 million in research and development, Sungrow has introduced several industry firsts, including the groundbreaking 2000V inverter for grid-connected power generation and a pioneering fully liquid-cooled 10MWh energy storage solution. This innovation spree has catapulted Sungrow’s global installed capacity of inverter and converter equipment beyond 515GW, spearheading a reduction in CO2 emissions by over 300 million tons annually in collaboration with its global client base.

Pathway to Net Zero

Sungrow has laid down ambitious goals to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2028 and aims to extend this commitment to its supply chain by 2038, with a net-zero emissions target by 2048. The company has actively engaged in comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory development, covering its extensive operational and supply chain footprint. Notably, Sungrow has also made significant strides in increasing the use of green electricity to 55% and improving its energy efficiency by 6.8% since 2020.

Advancing Eco-friendly Development

In its quest for environmental protection, Sungrow’s products, like the SG320HX series, have received the world’s first inverter Italy EPD environmental product declaration, marking a significant milestone in eco-friendly product development. The company’s dedication to minimizing environmental impacts is further evidenced by its $1.1 million investment in environmental efforts, leading to substantial reductions in emissions and enhancements in waste utilization and water conservation strategies.

Strengthening Community and Environmental Well-being

Sungrow maintains a high degree of customer satisfaction, manifesting in a 93.9% satisfaction rating. The company has also established a robust and sustainable supply chain management protocol, initiating comprehensive audits and carbon footprint assessments amongst its suppliers. In fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, Sungrow has made notable strides in increasing the representation of female managers and foreign employees, signifying its commitment to global and inclusive workforce practices.

Moreover, Sungrow’s contribution to environmental conservation is evident in its initiative, ‘Sun Forest’, which has seen the planting of 200 acres and the development of wildlife habitats, alongside promoting volunteerism among its employees.

In the words of Cao Renxian, Chairman of Sungrow, the shift towards green energy signifies a transformative path from traditional energy’s ‘impossible triangle’ to a sustainable and eco-friendly paradigm. Sungrow remains steadfast in its mission of enabling clean power for all, demonstrating its leadership in driving the global transition towards sustainable energy.

Sungrow’s journey is a testament to its pioneering spirit and its enduring commitment to innovate and inspire a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

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