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Revolutionizing Kenya’s Central Highlands: The Central Highlands Ecoregion Foodscape Initiative Explained

Foodscape Innovation: Transforming Kenya’s Central Highlands

In an era marked by climate change, environmental degradation, and rural poverty, a groundbreaking initiative is taking root in Kenya’s Central Highlands. The initiative, known as the Central Highlands Ecoregion Foodscape (CHEF), represents a collaborative effort to reimagine food systems in a way that promotes the health of the land, efficient water resources management, and biodiversity.

Spanning a diverse landscape that includes water sources around Mounts Aberdare and Kenya, extending through productive lands to the rangelands of Laikipia, Isiolo, and Samburu Counties, CHEF is a testament to the power of integrated action. This ambitious program is designed to foster connectivity—linking various geographies, climates, and ecosystems with the social and economic contexts of local communities.

A Vision for Sustainable Foodscapes

The mission of CHEF is propelled by five pivotal action areas:

  • Innovative Food System Hub: Cultivating a center for creativity and progress within food landscapes.
  • Regenerative Practices: Promoting sustainable approaches in farming, livestock, fisheries, and forestry to revive and sustain ecosystems.
  • Market Systems and Business Models: Developing structures that support sustainable livelihoods while preserving our planet.
  • Policy Engagement: Advocating for policy changes that support sustainable growth and environmental conservation.
  • Capacity Building: Strengthening community and stakeholder resilience through education and collaboration.

At the heart of this initiative is the Foodscape Innovation Specialist role, a key figure tasked with leading the Agriculture Strategy scaling programme. This role is crucial in assimilating a wealth of transdisciplinary data—spanning climate, water, biodiversity, and livelihood outcomes—to forge innovative and effective solutions aligned with TNC 2030 Goals.

A Dynamic Strategy for Collective Action

The cornerstone of the Foodscape Innovation Specialist’s mandate is to facilitate a dynamic, cohesive strategy that acts as a guiding light for CHEF’s ambitious scaling program. Through the development of key actionable products, this strategy aims to chart a course for TNC’s unique Agricultural-conservation work, bridging ecologies, production systems, and corporate partnerships.

Collaboration is key to the success of CHEF. To this end, the specialist will play a pivotal role in convening a wide array of stakeholders—from government representatives and corporate sectors to NGOs, funding partners, and local communities. These gatherings are not just for progress tracking and lesson sharing but are integral to the iterative adaptation of strategies in response to changing contexts.

A Collaborative Effort Towards Nature-Positive Futures

Integral to the execution of CHEF’s scaling strategy is the fostering of strong partnerships with TNC staff, regional and global teams, and the broad spectrum of CHEF actors. The Foodscape Innovation Specialist will spearhead efforts in organizing training and engagement programs centered on regenerative systems, helping the private sector pivot towards nature-positive operations.

This role, reporting directly to the CHEF Director, is set against the picturesque backdrop of Nanyuki Town, Kenya. It represents not just a job opportunity, but a chance to be at the forefront of sustainable agriculture and conservation efforts in one of Kenya’s most vital ecosystems.

With the backdrop of Kenya’s rich biodiversity and the urgent need for sustainable development models, the initiatives spearheaded by CHEF and the Foodscape Innovation Specialist are more than just projects—they’re a beacon of hope for the future of our planet’s food systems.

Ava Bloom

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