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Putin’s Diplomatic Ties with China Strengthens Amid Shared Competition with the US

Strategic Alliances Strengthened as Putin Visits Xi in Beijing

In a significant diplomatic engagement, Russian President Vladimir Putin was received with formal honors by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing, marking the commencement of Putin’s two-day state visit. This journey signifies Putin’s initial international endeavor following the outset of his fifth presidential term, underscoring a pivotal moment as Russia seeks to fortify its strategic partnership with China, against the backdrop of their shared competition with the United States.

Choosing China for his inaugural overseas visit after securing a six-year term—positioning him at the helm until at least 2030—Putin underscores his strategic priorities and the profound rapport he shares with Xi. Putin has lauded the development of a robust “strategic partnership” between Russia and China, anchored in national interests and deep mutual confidence.

The meeting agenda is anticipated to spotlight the leaders’ commitment to enhancing their “no limits” relationship established in 2022, ahead of Russia’s extensive military action in Ukraine. As both nations increasingly find themselves at odds with Western democracies and NATO, they are eager to expand their influence across Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

At the age of 71, Putin expressed his ambition to foster closer collaboration with China across various domains, including industry, high technology, aerospace, peaceful nuclear energy, artificial intelligence, renewable energy sources, and other innovative sectors. The gathering will also observe a celebration marking 75 years since the Soviet Union’s acknowledgment of the People’s Republic of China, proclaimed by Mao Zedong in 1949.

On the eve of his visit, during an interview with China’s Xinhua news agency, Putin conveyed Russia’s openness to negotiate over the Ukraine conflict. Emphasizing a desire for a dialogue that respects all parties’ interests, including Russia’s, Putin signaled a quest for a peaceful, comprehensive, and just resolution to the dispute.

Since the initiation of hostilities in Ukraine in 2022, Russia has found itself leaning heavily on China economically, amidst the imposition of sanctions led by the United States. China, in turn, has ramped up its trade and military engagements with Russia, providing essential goods ranging from machine tools to electronics, which indirectly support Russia’s military endeavors, though it stops short of direct weapon supplies.

While maintaining a stance of neutrality in the Ukraine conflict, China’s “no limits” partnership with Russia has drawn criticism from the West, which accuses it of playing a pivotal role in helping Russia weather the sanctions, including the provision of key technology employed on the Ukrainian battlefront.

Although the primary anticipation from Putin’s visit revolves around securing further support for Russia’s war economy, the occasion also symbolizes a mutual vision of contesting the US-led global order. Putin has criticized the West for obstructing negotiation efforts at the onset of the conflict and has commended China’s proposal for peace in Ukraine, which advocates for pragmatic and constructive steps towards achieving peace without exacerbating global economic impacts or tensions.

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