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Preventing Forest Fires: A Comprehensive Approach by Bangalore University

Preventing Forest Fires at Bangalore University Campus

At the heart of an urban expanse, Bangalore University stands as a beacon of greenery, with an impressive 300 out of 1,200 acres cloaked in dense foliage. This verdant landscape is not only pivotal for the ecological health of the area but also for the campus community’s wellbeing. Protecting this green oasis, especially during the scorching summers, has become a paramount task for the university administration.

With the onset of peak summer temperatures, the risk of forest fires escalates, posing a significant threat to the campus’s biodiversity. In response, Bangalore University has taken proactive steps to safeguard its green cover. A remarkable effort in this direction includes the deployment of around 90 home guards. These guards are stationed across the campus in three shifts, vigilantly monitoring sensitive areas for any signs of fire. They are the university’s first line of defense against potential forest fires, trained to swiftly alert and coordinate with the fire department at the slightest hint of smoke.

Despite the challenges presented by a canal running through the campus, which has unfortunately become more akin to a sewage stream, and the drying up of over ten agricultural ponds, the university’s resolve remains unshaken. Efforts to request the municipal corporation for the replenishment of these ponds with treated water underline the administration’s commitment to maintaining the campus’s greenery. Furthermore, the introduction of designated fire tracks facilitates prompt access to any fire outbreaks, enabling quick action to contain and extinguish fires.

Dr. SM Jayakar, the Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University, shared insights into the comprehensive precautionary measures being implemented to combat the fire risk. “The increased temperatures during summer elevate the risk of fires. We’ve taken a holistic approach, ensuring our personnel are equipped and ready to act immediately to any fire emergencies,” he explained.

The importance of this issue was underscored by a recent fire incident in the university’s biodiversity park. The fire, triggered by natural factors in a bamboo plantation and exacerbated by a litter bed of dead vegetation, was promptly managed with the combined efforts of the university staff and the fire department. This event served as a wake-up call, leading to significant enhancements in the university’s fire preparedness measures.

In response to last year’s incident, a directive from the registrar’s office now mandates the regular clearance of straws, dried leaves, and other potentially inflammable materials from the biodiversity park. This area, integral to the campus’s ecological fabric, hosts a diverse array of flora, including numerous medicinal herbs critically affected by the fire. Recognizing the importance of these natural resources, a study spearheaded by the students of the Department of Environmental Science highlighted the predominance of medicinal herbs within the campus. Out of 61 identified species of herbs, an astounding 52 were found to have medicinal properties, with a majority being integral to Ayurvedic medicine.

This incident not only spotlighted the immediate threat fires pose to the campus’s biodiversity but also galvanized the university community into action. The collective efforts to enhance fire safety measures, coupled with the consistent monitoring and maintenance of the campus’s green cover, reflect Bangalore University’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Through these actions, the university not only aims to protect its lush landscapes but also to serve as a model for ecological preservation in urban settings.

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