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LONGi’s Pioneering Role in Advancing Green Value Chains at Summer Davos 2024: A Push for Sustainable Renewable Energy

LONGi Leads the Charge for a Green Future at Summer Davos 2024

At the forefront of global discussions on sustainable growth, the 15th Annual Meeting of the New Champions, popularly known as Summer Davos, was held in Dalian, China, from June 25 to June 27. This significant gathering attracted over 1,600 leaders from a variety of sectors worldwide, rallying under the theme “Next Frontiers for Growth”. The meeting explored collaborative opportunities to sustain economic momentum, with Asia being a major focus due to its massive contribution to global economic growth.

In the grand scheme of advancing sustainable renewable energy, LONGi, a pioneer in the solar technology sector, actively participated in discussions emphasizing the vital need for a collective push towards decarbonizing Asia’s value chains and reimagining these chains for a greener 2040. Xie Tian, who heads LONGi’s Strategic Management Center, contributed the company’s vision and strategies in panels dedicated to these topics.

Commitment to a Green Value Chain

Setting an example in environmental stewardship, LONGi has been a proponent of reducing emissions not just within its immediate operations but throughout its entire value chain. LONGi’s dedication to sustainable production and installation of renewable energy aligns with global ambitions, such as those made evident during COP28—to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030. LONGi’s leadership knows that as renewable energy deployment accelerates, minimizing the industry’s environmental footprint becomes imperative.

The company has aligned its operations with international sustainability initiatives like RE100, EP100, EV100, and the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), underlining its commitment to green transformation. These alliances have spearheaded the development of a comprehensive system for tracking greenhouse gas emissions across LONGi’s value chain, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement towards reducing carbon footprints.

Driving Innovation for Sustainability

Innovation and cooperative efforts form the backbone of LONGi’s strategy to build a sustainable, low-carbon value chain. By implementing a collaborative innovation operation system, LONGi invites its suppliers to join in its carbon reduction crusade, especially emphasizing the inclusion of small and medium-sized enterprises. This approach has not only elevated LONGi’s environmental performance but is also setting new industry standards for sustainable procurement and product lifecycle management.

The Digital Leap in Manufacturing

The transformation towards a low-carbeconomy is also being realized through technological advancements in intelligent manufacturing and digitalization. LONGi’s Jiaxing Production Base, recognized as the world’s first “Lighthouse Factory” within the PV sector, exemplifies how combining smart technologies can lead to efficiency gains, reduced production costs, and decreased carbon footprints, marking a significant step towards sustainable manufacturing practices industry-wide.

Building upon the success at Jiaxing, LONGi launched the “Lighthouse Project” to replicate this agile manufacturing model across its other production bases. This initiative not only aims to improve the industrial efficiency but also sets a benchmark for the adoption of digital and intelligent technologies in the renewable energy sector.

A Global Leader in Sustainable Solar Technology

As LONGi presses on with its mission to advocate, practice, and lead in the clean energy domain, the company continues to make strides in photovoltaic technology research and innovation. With a cumulative shipment of photovoltaic silicon wafers surpassing 414.24 GW and enabling over 17.361 billion kWh of green electricity generation by the end of 2023, LONGi is significantly contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions worldwide.

Addressing climate change, advocating for energy equity, and enhancing biodiversity are at the heart of LONGi’s commitment to a better planet. By integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into its corporate strategy, LONGi is not only advancing its goal for a greener future but is also contributing to the global standardization of ESG practices, strengthening the collective journey towards a sustainable and equitable world.

As leaders gathered at the Summer Davos 2024 reflect on the next frontiers for growth, LONGi’s proactive steps towards sustainability, collaborative innovation, and technology-driven efficiency stand as a beacon for the renewable energy industry, guiding the way towards achieving a clean, green, and sustainable future for all.

Lily Greenfield

Lily Greenfield is a passionate environmental advocate with a Master's in Environmental Science, focusing on the interplay between climate change and biodiversity. With a career that has spanned academia, non-profit environmental organizations, and public education, Lily is dedicated to demystifying the complexities of environmental science for a general audience. Her work aims to inspire action and awareness, highlighting the urgency of conservation efforts and sustainable practices. Lily's articles bridge the gap between scientific research and everyday relevance, offering actionable insights for readers keen to contribute to the planet's health.

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