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Jeling’s Journey: Transforming a Secluded Enclave into a Thriving Eco-Tourism Hub

Transforming Metog: A Story of Conservation and Tourism

In the picturesque embrace of the Xizang autonomous region, the village of Jeling in Metog county is charting a new path toward prosperity, fueled by conservation efforts and the allure of its natural beauty. Once a secluded Monba ethnic enclave, Jeling has become a beacon of eco-tourism, attracting visitors with its pristine landscapes and the warmth of local hospitality.

One spring day, the anticipation in the air was palpable as Wen Guo and Drolma Chozong prepared their homestay for potential celebrity guests. Village officials hinted at the visit of renowned actors scouting locations for their next film project. Despite their homestay not hosting the stars directly, Wen and Drolma found themselves playing host to the entourage, contributing to the village’s reputation as a hospitable and scenic getaway.

The standard rate of 300 yuan per room per night at Wen’s homestay is a testament to the community’s commitment to offering quality and affordability. This approach is a collaborative effort among villagers to ensure a welcoming experience for all visitors.

The pivot towards tourism in Jeling began in earnest in 2020, catalyzed by the vision and dedication of local leaders and the community. Notably, Huang Jiabin, assuming the role of Jeling’s Party secretary in 2018, has been instrumental in this transformation. Overcoming initial challenges, including the absence of a paved road, Huang and the villagers embarked on an ambitious plan to make Jeling accessible and inviting to the outside world.

The construction of a cement road, completed in January 2021, marked a significant milestone, opening the gates to Jeling’s natural wonders. The village, nestled in lush forests and tea gardens, offers breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, including the majestic Mount Namjagbarwa. Huang’s foresight into the potential of Jeling as a tourist destination has been pivotal in igniting interest among visitors and conservationists alike.

In a collaboration that has become a cornerstone of Jeling’s eco-tourism narrative, Professor Lyu Zhi from Peking University and the Shan Shui Conservation Center have played a crucial role. Their combined efforts in biodiversity research have not only unveiled the rich ecological tapestry of the area but also highlighted its potential for sustainable tourism.

The discovery of a 76.8-meter Bhutan white pine, once considered the tallest tree on the Chinese mainland, has added to Jeling’s allure. This “tree king” and the other towering trees nearby have drawn visitors from across the globe, eager to witness these natural spectacles firsthand. Though the record has since been surpassed, the forest’s significance as a hotspot for eco-tourism and research endures.

Today, Jeling stands as a testament to the power of community, conservation, and sustainable development in creating a thriving tourist destination. Its journey from a remote village to a magnet for nature enthusiasts and researchers showcases the untapped potential of rural areas in harmonizing economic development with environmental stewardship.

The transformation of Metog’s Jeling village into a prime eco-tourism destination not only preserves its natural heritage and promotes biodiversity but also brings a new stream of opportunities to its residents. It’s a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and hope for similar communities worldwide, demonstrating how conservation and tourism can walk hand in hand toward a brighter, sustainable future.

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