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Empowering Food Security: AfDB and BUK Collaborate to Leverage Technology Against Climate Change Challenges in Agriculture

‘AfDB to Partner with BUK in Achieving Food Security Using Technology’

In an inspiring move to bolster food security and adapt to the challenges of climate change, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), recently announced a robust collaboration with Bayero University Kano’s Centre for Dryland Agriculture (CDA). This strategic partnership seeks to leverage cutting-edge technology to aid farmers in weathering the adversities posed by climate alterations.

The commitment was made by Dr. Adesina during a visit to the university’s center, following the honor of receiving a Doctorate in Business Administration from the institution. Expressing his admiration for the center’s endeavors, he commented on the exceptional dedication and quality of work being undertaken in advancing agricultural practices.

“The Centre for Dryland Agriculture is pioneering remarkable advancements in agriculture, which is crucial in an epoch dominated by climate change issues,” remarked Dr. Adesina. He emphasized the critical need for efficient agricultural practices, noting that a mere three percent of agriculture is currently under irrigation. Empowering farmers with accessible technologies is paramount to enhancing crop production and resilience against climate change.

Dr. Adesina detailed the modalities of the partnership, which encompasses several innovative strategies aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture. A primary focus will be to establish the CDA as a pivotal hub for distributing advanced agricultural technologies, including water-efficient maize and heat-tolerant wheat varieties, to farmers widely.

Furthermore, the collaboration intends to support the center in becoming a forecasting beacon for weather patterns, thereby enabling farmers to make informed planting decisions. The AfDB will also extend its support through the Africa Disaster Insurance Facility, a program designed to aid farmers in navigating the challenges of climate fluctuations.

Another cornerstone of this partnership is the Agric Pitch initiative, a platform where entrepreneurs can pitch their business ideas related to climate adaptation in agriculture. Winners of this initiative are set to receive substantial funding support of up to $120,000, facilitating the development of innovative solutions to climate-related agricultural challenges.

“The commitment to support the center and its initiatives is unwavering,” Dr. Adesina assured. He highlighted the global significance of the center’s work, stating that he will advocate for it to receive priority attention from the Global Center on Adaptation. This body, co-chaired by Dr. Adesina alongside former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, focuses on scaling up global efforts to adapt to climate change, with a particular emphasis on supporting at-risk farmers.

Dr. Adesina’s enthusiastic endorsement of the CDA’s work underscores the critical role of innovative technologies and strategic partnerships in addressing the pressing challenges of climate change and ensuring food security. With such comprehensive support, the initiative between AfDB and BUK’s Centre for Dryland Agriculture sets a hopeful precedent for the future of sustainable agriculture in Africa and beyond.

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