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Coronation Group Spearheads Environmental Sustainability with ‘Trees for Tomorrow’ Initiative in West Africa

Coronation Group Launches Ambitious Tree-Planting Drive in West Africa

In a bold stroke of green initiative, the Coronation Group has unveiled its groundbreaking ‘Trees for Tomorrow’ program in alignment with the global observance of World Environment Day. This pioneering venture saw the planting of more than 400 trees across Nigeria and Ghana, marking a significant stride in the group’s environmental conservation efforts.

During the announcement, Paul Abiagam, the Deputy Managing Director of Coronation Merchant Bank, chimed in on the essence and the far-reaching impacts of the ‘Trees for Tomorrow’ project. “Coronation is deeply invested in the imperative of environmental sustainability,” he expressed. “This tree-planting endeavor is not merely an act of adding greens to the landscape but a forward-looking mission to seed a future where sustainability and hope blossom together. By joining forces on World Environment Day, we reiterate our pledge to foster sustainable methodologies and bolster community engagement towards global ecological wellness.”

The initiative saw active participation from Coronation Group’s leadership, encompassing a broad spectrum from Coronation Asset Management’s Managing Director Aigbovbioise Aig-Imoukhuede, to Kayode Akindele, the Managing Partner at Coronation Capital, and Ngozi Akinyele, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Coronation Group.

World Environment Day, crafted by the United Nations and celebrated every June 5th, galvanizes worldwide enthusiasm and action for environmental preservation. It’s an annual reinforcement of our collective duty to nurture and heal our planet’s natural terrains. The upcoming year’s theme, focusing on “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience,” underscores the urgency to fortify our ecosystems against escalating desertification and drought issues.

Ngozi Akinyele shed light on the broader perspective and the enduring goals of the ‘Trees for Tomorrow’ initiative. “This project is a cornerstone among our varied efforts to sculpt a sustainable future. By embedding over 400 trees into the earth, we’re advancing land recuperation and spurring biodiversity. Our endeavors extend beyond environmental rejuvenation to fortifying our ecosystems’ resilience,” she elucidated. “Coronation Group is committed to weaving sustainability into the very fabric of our operations and motivating our community to embrace eco-conscious behaviors.”

This ambitious tree-planting drive stands as a testament to Coronation Group’s dedication to environmental stewardship. Through ‘Trees for Tomorrow’, the group not only underscores its commitment to ecological balance and sustainability but also showcases the transformative power of collaborative actions towards a greener, more resilient future.

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