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Urgent Call to Action: Mitigating Flood Risks to Safeguard Kaduna State’s Agricultural Future and Nigeria’s Food Security

NEMA Calls for Proactive Measures to Prevent Flooding in Kaduna State

In an advocacy mission to Kaduna State, Zubaida Umar, the Director-General of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), highlighted the critical need for preemptive actions to mitigate the risks of flooding. Kaduna State’s significance as a cornerstone in Nigeria’s agricultural sector, predominantly supported by its farming communities, is threatened by the annual calamity of floods, according to Umar. This incessant challenge endangers the state’s economic backbone and food security.

With the release of the 2024 seasonal climate forecast and flood outlook, the urgency to brace for potential flooding has become more pronounced. The memory of the devastating floods of 2018, echoed by similar events in 2022 which led to disaster declarations across several states, serves as a stark reminder of the looming threats. These disasters, often attributed to the effects of climate change, underscore the joint responsibility of government bodies and citizens to cultivate preventive and responsive strategies to minimize the impacts of such environmental crises.

Umar emphasized the gravity of the situation with the latest climate predictions, revealing that an estimated 25 states and 72 Local Government Areas (LGAs) are poised to face high risks of flooding during the April to June quarter. This vulnerability is projected to escalate through July to September, affecting 33 states and 135 LGAs, with a slight reduction in risk by October to November, impacting 19 states and 44 LGAs. She underscored the importance of activating comprehensive plans and measures to counteract these predictions well in advance of the flooding season’s peak periods.

The call to action is not just a preventive measure but a necessary step towards safeguarding the livelihoods of millions and the economic stability of Kaduna State, and by extension, the nation. As one of the country’s key food baskets, the potential loss and destruction due to flooding not only poses a threat to local communities but to national food security. Therefore, stakeholders at all levels are urged to heed the warnings, prioritize early preparation, and engage in strategic planning to avert the adverse effects of potential flooding, thereby ensuring the resilience and sustainability of Kaduna State’s agricultural and economic sectors.

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