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Unprecedented Heatwave Hits Karnataka: Temperature Soars to 40°C, IMD Activates Alert for Next Three Days

Amid water crisis in Bengaluru, temperature crosses 40 degree across Karnataka. IMD issues heat alert for next 3 days

In a concerning escalation of temperatures across Karnataka, Wednesday’s weather reports indicated a significant rise, with the mercury hitting the daunting 40-degree Celsius mark in several districts. The extreme weather conditions were particularly noted in Kalaburagi and Bagalkot, where temperatures soared to 40.6°C and 40.2°C, respectively.

This phenomenon marks the commencement of an unusually early summer for the state, a situation that scientists attribute to the influence of El Nino. It’s a historic occurrence for Karnataka as temperatures surpass the 40°C threshold for the first time, as per the records maintained by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). In response to these unbearably high temperatures, a heatwave alert has been activated for six districts within the Kalyana Karnataka region, forecasting persistent scorching conditions over the following three days. The capital city of Bengaluru is also bracing for a notable increase in daytime temperatures, potentially escalating by up to 2°C.

The mechanism behind issuing such a heatwave alert involves monitoring temperature recordings meticulously. When temperatures at any monitoring station exceed the 40-degree Celsius benchmark and the rise in temperature goes beyond 4 degrees Celsius above the normal range, an alert is typically declared. Although the current temperature rise may not fully meet this criterion, the onset of temperatures breaching the 40-degree Celsius mark has prompted the issuance of the warning.

A senior IMD scientist, based in Bengaluru, voiced concerns over the impending weather scenario, “While Maharashtra might bear the brunt of this severe weather, districts in North Karnataka like Kalaburagi, Yadgir, and Ballari are poised for a heatwave, coupled with exceptionally warm nights over the next couple of days.”

Regions in North Karnataka have already begun to feel the heat, with maximum temperatures recording a rise of 2-3 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the south-interior parts of the state, including Bengaluru, are not far behind, experiencing temperature increases of up to 2 degrees Celsius above their usual averages.

Insights from the Climate Shift Index map, a product of the US-based climate analysis portal Climate Central, suggest that Bengaluru alongside other locales in Karnataka is set to face relentless heat in the days ahead.

Adding to the woes, IMD officials have noted a considerable deficiency in rainfall for the month of March. “The prevailing clear skies and dry weather conditions across the state effectively rule out any possibility of rainfall, leaving us with a dry spell expected to last at least the next three days,” they explained.

With temperatures on an upward trajectory, it is imperative for residents to adopt precautionary measures to combat the adverse effects of this heatwave. The rapidly changing climate patterns underscore the need for vigilance and preparedness to safeguard against the sweltering heat that lies ahead.

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