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United Energy’s Innovative Approach to Enhancing Power Network Resilience in South-East Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

United Energy Explores Innovative Resilience Strategies for South-East Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

In an ambitious move to enhance the resilience of its power network, United Energy is embarking on an innovative package of measures designed to safeguard electricity supply against the increasing frequency and severity of weather events. Central to this initiative is the pioneering idea to reroute powerlines underground in regions identified as particularly vulnerable to fire hazards, specifically across south-east Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

The need for a more robust energy infrastructure has become pronounced in recent years, with climate change contributing to a noticeable uptick in extreme weather phenomena. United Energy’s approach includes a forward-thinking plan that involves direct engagement with communities at risk. A notable example of this was a recent consultation in Red Hill, where United Energy gathered input from locals on potential strategies as part of their preparation for a comprehensive five-year business roadmap. This roadmap will undergo a review by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in the coming months.

Beyond the underground powerline project, United Energy is investigating a variety of other resilience-enhancing measures. These endeavors are not born out of isolated planning but are the fruit of three years of continuous dialogue with communities across the peninsula and south-east Melbourne—areas that have directly felt the impact of major weather events on their power supply.

The project’s champion, Renate Vogt, from United Energy’s regulatory team, highlighted the importance of community feedback in shaping the company’s focus. Acknowledging the dual challenge of increasing weather-related disruptions and society’s growing reliance on electricity, Vogt emphasized the goal of forging stronger, more reliable networks. The underlying aim is to devise solutions that not only counteract the effects of climate change but do so in a way that remains cost-effective for customers.

This initiative joins United Energy’s existing endeavors to maintain a safe and dependable network through its comprehensive inspection and maintenance program. However, the planned resilience measures represent a proactive and strategic expansion of these efforts, responding to the evolving needs of the communities served.

In the months ahead, United Energy is committed to involving customers and stakeholders in the refinement of its proposed investments. This engagement will focus on a broad spectrum of topics, such as renewable energy integration and economic accessibility, identified during previous consultations.

The ensuing dialogue will play a critical role in refining the proposed solutions, ensuring a balance between cost and benefits. The draft of these plans is slated for publication in August 2024, with the finalized proposal expected to be submitted to the AER for approval by January 2025, marking a significant step towards a more resilient and sustainable energy future for the region.

This initiative by United Energy is a testament to the power of community engagement in addressing the challenges posed by climate change. It represents a thoughtful blend of technical innovation and strategic planning aimed at safeguarding energy infrastructure in some of the most vulnerable areas of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. As these plans progress, the focus on resilience, reliability, and affordability promises to deliver far-reaching benefits for the communities involved, setting a benchmark for energy infrastructure projects nationwide.

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