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Surge in Humidity and Temporal Shifts in Maharashtra: The Weather Forecast Explained

Pune Witnesses a Surge in Humidity with Forecasts of Light Rainfall in Maharashtra

As Maharashtra braces for a change in weather, residents are noticing a significant increase in humidity levels across the state. The discomfort due to the muggy air is set to be accompanied by a spell of light rainfall starting this Friday, April 5, and continuing for the next four days. This shift in weather is also expected to bring about a moderate rise in temperatures, by about 2 to 3 degrees Celsius during the same period.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has pointed to the emergence of a lower atmospheric trough that stretches from South Tamil Nadu up to East Vidarbha, passing through regions of Karnataka and Marathwada. This development is primarily responsible for the heightened humidity levels, particularly impacting the air quality in Madhya Maharashtra from April 5th to the 8th.

Light rain showers are on the radar, particularly in the regions of Konkan and Marathwada between April 6th and 8th, and in Vidarbha from April 7th to 8th. These rainfall events, although isolated, are much anticipated amidst the rising temperatures and humidity, offering a potential respite from the growing discomfort.

In a broader context, the Indian subcontinent, especially South India, excluding the Himalayan foothills and Northeast India, has been experiencing higher than average temperatures. Regions from Rajasthan to Delhi have seen mercury levels fluctuating between 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. This warming trend is expected to sustain over the next week. Vidarbha, Marathwada, and Madhya Maharashtra are specifically noted to bear the brunt of these rising temperatures, with averages hovering between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, the IMD has issued a warning regarding potential increases in nighttime temperatures across Marathwada, by two to three degrees Celsius. This surge in nocturnal temperatures could exacerbate the discomfort felt during the night, affecting sleep patterns and overall well-being. Brahmapuri in Vidarbha has already experienced a taste of this heatwave, recording a staggering 42.3 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. Other cities across Vidarbha—including Jalgaon, Malegaon, Sangli, Solapur, Aurangabad, Nanded, and Beed—have also seen daytime temperatures soaring past the 40-degree mark.

The combination of increased humidity and temperatures presents a challenge to the residents of Maharashtra, highlighting the importance of staying hydrated and adopting measures to stay cool. As the state looks ahead to the anticipated spell of light rain, many are hopeful for a temporary relief from the heat and humidity currently enveloping the region.

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