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Scotland’s Stride towards Conservation: An Insight Into the 2% of Land Undergoing Rewilding

New figures suggest 2% of Scotland’s land is ‘rewilded’

In a groundbreaking development, an analysis provided by the Scottish Rewilding Alliance reveals a significant step towards nature conservation with over 2% of Scotland’s territory now involved in rewilding efforts. This move is part of an ambitious initiative launched alongside the Rewilding Nation Charter, aiming to spearhead the revival of the country’s natural habitats and in turn, support local communities.

The rewilding endeavors are particularly poignant given Scotland’s standing as one of the globe’s most nature-impoverished nations. The Scottish Rewilding Alliance is not only highlighting this concerning fact but is also rallying citizens to advocate for a greener future. The charter they’ve put forward seeks a governmental pledge to ensure the recovery of natural landscapes across 30% of Scotland’s land and sea, aiming to mend the country’s biodiversity values.

An intriguing aspect of this campaign is the release of a documentary that journeys through the potential rewilding can bring to Scotland on a larger scale. This film is set to tour various cities, starting with a grand premiere in Edinburgh, providing a visual and heartfelt narrative on the urgent need for action in face of looming climate change and biodiversity loss.

The urgency of the situation is echoed by Steve Micklewright, head of Trees for Life, who emphasizes the dual threats of climate change and biodiversity decline. Reiterating Scotland’s poor ranking in global nature health, where it sits at 212 out of 240, Micklewright points to the dire condition of the country’s natural world, with 11% of species at risk of extinction. Factors like intensive agriculture, climate perturbations, and the introduction of non-native species have been pinpointed as significant contributors to this crisis.

The alliance, a collaborative of over 20 organizations, presents new data indicating that 2.1% of Scotland is embracing rewilding. This encompasses a variety of projects, from community woodlands to larger, partnership-driven endeavors, collectively spanning at least 160,000 hectares. This calculation is derived from self-reported data across a broad spectrum of rewilding initiatives, aiming to offer a blueprint for large-scale nature restoration.

An even more ambitious vision is shared by the alliance, one where rewilding 30% of Scotland’s land does not necessitate sacrificing productive farmland. By focusing on the restoration of essential natural habitats such as peatlands, wetlands, and native woodlands, the initiative underscores the possibility of a harmonious balance between agriculture and wild nature.

The sentiment is reinforced by Tom Bowser, a Perthshire farmer and conservationist, who highlights the power of collective action in facing the overwhelming tide of environmental crises. Bowser’s call to action through the Rewilding Nation Charter mirrors a widespread desire for a sustainable, equitable future—a vision where nature and humanity thrive side by side.

This bold move towards rewilding Scotland is more than a conservation effort; it’s a testament to the resilience of nature and the human spirit. As Scotland embarks on this journey, the world watches, hopeful for a precedent that marries ecological restoration with societal well-being.

Ava Bloom

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