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Reviving Thailand’s Green Heart: The Journey to Restore the Kuan Kreng Peat Swamp Forest

Revitalizing The Heart of Thailand: The Kuan Kreng Peat Swamp Forest Restoration Project

In an ambitious move to preserve the ecological wealth of Thailand, a significant step has been taken towards the restoration and conservation of one of the country’s vital natural resources, the Kuan Kreng peat swamp forest. Spanning across an expansive 70,715 hectares and nestled within the southern provinces of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, and Songkhla, this lush landscape serves as a lifeline for over 60,000 local people. These communities are deeply intertwined with the forest, relying heavily on it for fishing and the gathering of non-timber forest products that are crucial for their sustenance and livelihoods.

The Kuan Kreng landscape, known for its rich biodiversity and as the second largest peat swamp forest in Thailand,, faces significant environmental threats. Agricultural advancements and the construction of drainage canal networks have led to the degradation of two-thirds of this precious ecosystem. This has resulted in lowered water tables, increased greenhouse gas emissions from peat oxidation, and the risk of fires that not only threaten the local biodiversity but also contribute to hazardous air quality levels, even affecting distant urban areas like Bangkok.

Understanding the urgent need for intervention, Restore Nature (Thailand) has been established as a pioneering effort towards the ecological restoration of the Kuan Kreng landscape. In close partnership with the Thai government and local community groups, a comprehensive restoration project has been designed. This initiative aims not only to raise the ground water table through the construction of semi-permanent canal blocks but also focuses on reforestation and the development of a biodiversity corridor. These efforts are set to rejuvenate the distribution of the area’s unique flora and fauna and include an integrated fire management program to protect the landscape from future incidents.

Beyond ecological restoration, the project encompasses the development of a carbon initiative aimed at protecting and revitalizing degraded peatlands and peat swamp forests within the region. This ambitious plan is expected to enhance biodiversity, improve local community livelihoods, and is projected to generate over 500,000 carbon credits annually, highlighting the global environmental significance of the Kuan Kreng landscape.

“The Kuan Kreng peatland forest area is a treasure trove of biodiversity, playing host to globally significant species. Our efforts to combat climate change, support community well-being, and boost biodiversity coincide with our mission and the goals of our investors, who are keen on fostering positive environmental and societal impacts,” expressed Geoffrey Seeto, the initiative’s guiding force.

This comprehensive restoration effort is a collaboration between multiple groups, including the Thai Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, RECOFTC (a leading international non-profit organization committed to sustainable forest management and community resilience), along with a dedicated team of both international and local experts. Together, they are working meticulously to ensure the success of the Kuan Kreng restoration project. Financial and developmental support is being provided by the Restoration Seed Capital Facility, along with backing from prestigious organizations and entities such as Mitsui, Nomura, Asian Development Bank, the Australian government, and notable foundations and banks.

As this project unfolds, it stands as a beacon of hope not just for the Kuan Kreng landscape and its local communities but for the preservation of natural habitats at a global scale. By integrating community engagement, sustainable livelihoods, and advanced conservation techniques, the Kuan Kreng peat swamp forest restoration project epitomizes the remarkable potential of collaborative efforts in reversing ecological degradation and fostering a harmonious balance between humans and nature.

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