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Revitalizing Ireland’s Native Woodlands: Unveiling a New Era of Conservation Efforts

Ireland’s Native Woodlands Receive Major Boost: New Grant Aid Announced

In a pivotal move towards ecological preservation, the Irish Government has recently revealed significant enhancements to the Native Woodland Conservation Scheme, signaling a new era in the effort to conserve, restore, and enhance Ireland’s precious woodland habitats.

With the unveiling of the revamped Forestry Programme (2023-2027), a notable increase in financial support is now accessible. Restoration and enhancement activities for native woodlands will be backed by grants reaching up to €6,000 per hectare, complemented by an enticing ecosystem services payment offering €500 per hectare annually over a span of seven years.

This financial reinforcement comes as a strategic approach to invigorate ‘close to nature’ forest management practices. It marks a concerted bid to stem the tide against the concerning trend of under-management plaguing many of Ireland’s forests, which has posed risks to both biodiversity and the broader gamut of ecosystem services provided by these forested areas.

Forged through collaborative forces, the scheme draws upon the expertise and passion of multiple stakeholders, including Woodlands of Ireland, the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and the Heritage Council, among others. This partnership underscores the scheme’s rooted commitment to the safeguarding and flourishing of Ireland’s native woodlands.

Lauded by Pippa Hackett, Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity, the initiative embodies a shared mission to protect Ireland’s environmental legacy. Through combined efforts, the initiative is a testament to the power of cooperation in nurturing and preserving natural treasures.

Under the scheme, a variety of conservation measures qualify for grant aid. These include efforts to eradicate non-native species and invasive plants, alongside protective strategies against threats like deer or livestock, which jeopardize the integrity of native woodlands. These measures aim not only at conservation but also at bolstering the myriad ecological services native forests foster — from nurturing biodiversity to enhancing soil and water quality and contributing to climate change mitigation.

Targeting under-managed woods, the scheme provides an invaluable lifeline for forest owners to tackle pertinent management challenges efficiently. By doing so, it aims to pave the way towards a more sustainable and ecologically aligned forest management paradigm.

In essence, the Native Woodland Conservation Scheme is poised to play a critical role in Ireland’s ecological conservation landscape. By marrying financial incentives with a united front of institutional support, the initiative promises to steer Ireland towards a more sustainable and biodiverse future. It’s a significant investment not only in the fabric of Ireland’s environmental ecosystem but in the future resilience and prosperity of the nation itself.

Ava Bloom

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