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Revitalizing Comber: Lakeshore Council Partners with Hydro One for Innovative Community Development Projects

Lakeshore Council greenlights Hydro One partnership projects in Comber

In a landmark move for community development, the Lakeshore Council has ushered in a pioneering series of initiatives in Comber, heralding the kick-off of the Hydro One Community Support Agreement established in 2023. This significant stride underscores the commencement of a fruitful partnership poised to invigorate the local community and its infrastructure.

Dedicated to fostering further communal enhancements, the council has directed its administration to forge a collaboration with the Comber Agricultural Society. This joint venture aims to elevate the Comber Fairgrounds, with plans for a detailed evaluation set for future discussion. Complementing this initiative, the Lakeshore administration will work closely with Hydro One, ensuring the contributions of upcoming projects are well recognized, hence celebrating the synergetic relationship between the two organizations.

This cooperative venture initially took root in August 2023, when a Community Support Agreement was penned with Hydro One. This agreement earmarked an impressive $8 million for local investments, with a substantial $5.8 million allocated specifically for enhancing cultural and recreational facilities. This accord is a component of Hydro One’s ambitious transmission expansion project, aiming to bolster the agri-food sector, propel economic growth, and advance the region’s commitment to renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

Mirrorring the community’s sentiments, Mayor Tracey Bailey expressed deep appreciation for the invaluable feedback received from the Comber residents, which played a pivotal role in steering the direction of the investments. “The voice of the community is a critical element in our planning and decision-making process. The positive feedback and the level of engagement from the residents have been overwhelmingly encouraging,” stated Mayor Bailey. “We are thrilled to see the realization of these initiatives, which stand as a testament to the robust partnership between Lakeshore and Hydro One.”

Among the array of projects greenlit by the council are several aimed at enhancing the community’s livability and environmental aesthetics. These include the development of a new park with a designated area for dogs, the establishment of a charming parkette equipped with seating, a gazebo, and vibrant plant life, and the overhaul of Comber’s community signage to facilitate easier navigation. Furthermore, the initiatives encompass the refurbishment and installation of sidewalks and trails, a beautification project for Main Street’s streetscape, the creation of a pollinator garden in collaboration with local groups, the implementation of digital signs to broadcast community events more effectively, significant improvements to the Comber Community Centre, and a notable $5,000 donation to the Comber Fair for a fireworks display in 2024.

This series of projects not only aims to revitalize the community’s public spaces but also promotes a greener, more sustainable environment through the introduction of a pollinator garden and the emphasis on clean energy. As these projects unfold, they promise to transform Comber into a more vibrant, connected, and sustainable community, while serving as a shining example of the potential for successful partnerships between municipalities and corporate entities in driving positive community development and environmental stewardship.

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