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Revamping Trust and Action: NCCC’s Chief Ajuri Ngelale Highlights Reforms and Climate Initiatives

NCCC Reforms to Elevate Donor and Stakeholder Trust, Asserts Chief Ajuri Ngelale

Chief Ajuri Ngelale, the Presidential Envoy on Climate Action, recently announced that the National Council on Climate Change (NCCC) is undergoing pivotal reforms aimed at significantly enhancing the trust of donors and stakeholders. During a press conference in Abuja, Ngelale provided insights into the progress being made within the NCCC and emphasized the substantial benefits that these developments are poised to offer to the nation once they are publicized.

As part of his engagement with key initiatives related to climate action, Ngelale revealed that he has been in discussions with a senior executive from BURN Manufacturing. This company, renowned for its innovative approach to producing clean cooking stoves, operates a manufacturing facility in Kano and is in the process of opening another one in Lagos. The venture into clean cooking solutions is seen as a strategy not only to address the climate change crisis but also to foster economic empowerment across Nigeria.

“In the face of the escalating climate and health challenges precipitated by harmful cooking practices prevalent in both rural and urban settings in Nigeria, the shift towards clean cooking solutions such as the ones provided by BURN Manufacturing represents a vital opportunity. This initiative is not just about improving public health or mitigating the effects of climate change; it’s also about enhancing livelihoods and catalyzing economic growth through the generation of carbon credits,” Ngelale articulated.

The Environmental Envoy supported his statements with descriptions of the ongoing overhaul within the NCCC. According to him, the leadership of the NCCC is dedicatedly spearheading comprehensive reforms that promise to not only elevate the performance standards of the council but also significantly increase the transparency and accountability measures in place. This proactive approach is anticipated to solidify the confidence of both domestic and international donors, as well as other critical stakeholders involved in Nigeria’s climate action endeavors.

Ngelale expressed optimism about the future of climate change mitigation and environmental sustainability in Nigeria. He indicated that these reforms, alongside strategic partnerships with environmentally focused enterprises, are crucial steps toward achieving a greener and more sustainable future for the nation. By fostering a more robust framework for environmental governance and promoting innovative solutions like clean cooking technologies, the NCCC is setting a precedent for effective climate action that aligns with global standards and expectations.

The initiative to revolutionize the cooking habits of millions by transitioning to clean cooking solutions illustrates the multifaceted approach required to tackle climate change and its associated challenges. Such initiatives play a critical role in reducing emissions, improving health outcomes, and facilitating sustainable economic development. With the backing of the government and the active participation of stakeholders across the spectrum, Nigeria is poised to make significant strides in its fight against climate change, one reform at a time.

Ethan Wilder

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