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Pune Battles Unusually High Heat and Surging Humidity: An Analysis of the Weather Deviation


Pune Experiences Sweltering Heat and High Humidity – Punekar News

As the summer sun blazes over Pune, the city’s residents braced themselves for an intense wave of heat complemented by an unusual surge in humidity levels on Friday. The mercury soared, reaching highs that fluctuated between 38.6°C and a scorching 40.6°C, making the day particularly oppressive. This discomfort was accentuated further by a significant increase in humidity, making the temperature feel even more blistering than the thermometer indicated.

The atmosphere in Pune was starkly different from that in Delhi, despite both cities recording similar temperatures. The key differentiating factor was the relative humidity – a measure of the moisture content in the air. Pune’s humidity soared past 50% to 60% in many areas during the morning hours, a sharp rise from the 30% to 40% range observed just a day earlier. This absence of rain, coupled with high humidity, presented a challenging day ahead for outdoor activities and for those vulnerable to heat.

Notably, several locales across Pune and its outskirts felt the grip of increased moisture. Shivajinagar, for instance, saw its relative humidity jump from 48% to 61%, alongside a subtle rise in the night-time minimum temperatures. Pashan experienced a notable increase in its humidity levels, leaping from 56% to a stifling 68%, again with a slight uptick in the nocturnal temperature.

The most dramatic shift was seen in Lohegaon, where the relative humidity almost doubled, skyrocketing from 26% to a muggy 56%. Similarly, Chinchwad and Lavale areas reported significant upsurges in humidity, making the air feel heavier and more uncomfortable. Magarpatta was not spared, witnessing its humidity levels leap from 31% to 57%, bringing a noticeable change in the air as minimum temperatures slightly varied around the city.

This swell in humidity across Pune hints at the potential for upcoming rainfall, suggesting a possible break from the sweltering conditions if the rains do indeed arrive. The underlying causes of this sudden rise in humidity and discomfort can be traced back to the moisture being swept in from the Arabian Sea. This influx of moisture, coupled with increased cloud cover during the afternoon, traps outgoing radiation, effectively leading to warmer nights and more uncomfortable conditions overall.

With the city grappling with this intense heat and heightened humidity, residents are advised to stay hydrated and avoid direct sunlight during peak hours, as efforts continue to monitor and understand these changing weather patterns.


Ethan Wilder

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