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Protecting the Lifeblood of Scotch Whisky: A New Partnership to Safeguard Scottish Rivers

New partnership launched to protect the ‘lifeblood of Scotch whisky’

In celebration of World Water Day, an innovative collaboration, named ‘The River Within’, has been unveiled, spearheaded by the Scotch whisky sector of Pernod Ricard. This partnership involves a unification with three Scottish River Trusts: The Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust, Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Rivers Trust, and the Spey Catchment Initiative. This collaboration heralds a significant stride towards safeguarding and rejuvenating crucial waterways that thread through the Trusts’ expansive catchment areas in North-East Scotland, an area covering about 5,566 square kilometers.

Highlighting the initiative’s importance, Julie Gallacher, Chivas Brothers’ head of sustainability and responsibility, explained how water is fundamental to whisky production. “We use this vital resource carefully, returning 96% of it back to its source, embedding a piece of the river in every bottle. Many of our distilleries are nestled along the banks of these treasured watercourses, drawing from them not just water, but also the unique character and names of our world-renowned whiskies.”

Gallacher emphasized, “Just as we depend on these rivers, they rely on us. Crafting whisky is a balance, as is maintaining the Scottish landscapes they meander through. This partnership aims to fortify and maintain a resilient network of rivers and riverbanks for future generations.”

Recent studies paint a concerning picture, indicating that about 34% of Scotland’s rivers are in a state of ‘compromised ecological health’. Predictions worsen with the looming threat of climate change, which could result in a threefold increase in drought occurrences and up to 40% more flooding events by the century’s end, endangering the biodiverse ecosystems residing in and around these rivers.

The partnership aims to avert such outcomes by enhancing biodiversity, restraining rises in water temperatures due to climate change, and bolstering the rivers’ resilience over the long term. Projects in development include interventions like riparian woodland planting and river restoration schemes, intended to transmute plans into reality.

Bob Laughton of the Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Rivers Trust expressed enthusiasm for the support the partnership will provide. “This collaboration will help bring our river catchments’ nature recovery projects to life, assisting in the development and practical implementation of our schemes on the ground,” he added.

Chivas Brothers, echoing its commitment to sustainability, continually seeks innovative approaches to reduce water consumption across its operations, including adopting water-cooling technologies to mitigate waste.

Richard Miller of The Deveron, Bogie, and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust pointed out the critical challenges facing many of Scotland’s iconic species and their habitats, identifying the Atlantic Salmon’s recent classification from ‘least concern’ to ‘endangered’ as a stark indicator of these challenges. “This initiative will furnish us with the necessary resources to ensure fish stocks in Deveron have unimpeded access to cold, clean water by eliminating barriers, enhancing riparian vegetation, and restoring habitats,” Miller highlighted.

The collaboration has already led to actionable steps by addressing past incidents and fostering community project investments and environmental improvements. These actions demonstrate a tangible commitment to not just correcting past oversights but also investing in the long-term wellbeing of Scotland’s waterways.

This pioneering venture sets a precedent for environmental stewardship within the whisky industry, underlining the importance of maintaining healthy and resilient rivers as a cornerstone of sustainable Scotch whisky production.

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