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Major Upgrades Unleashed: Monaro Highway’s Quantum Leap in Infrastructure Development

Monaro Highway Upgrades Underway: Significant Construction Begins

In a monumental step towards enhancing regional connectivity and road safety, major construction work has commenced on the Monaro Highway, positioned to the south of Canberra. This ambitious project aims to address the ever-growing traffic needs of the area and signifies a quantum leap in infrastructure development in the region.

The Monaro Highway corridor is witnessing extensive upgrades, courtesy of a collaborative financial arrangement between the Australian and ACT governments. Each has allocated $115.25 million, pooling together a substantial $230.5 million towards realizing this project. Commencing with the construction of the new Lanyon Drive Interchange, these upgrades promise to significantly uplift safety measures and alleviate congestion on this pivotal route.

The newly initiated construction at the Lanyon Drive Interchange includes a southbound flyover bridging the Monaro Highway over Lanyon Drive, coupled with substantial intersection enhancements. These enhancements comprise the elimination of traffic lights at the junction near Alexander Maconochie Centre, the creation of a new roundabout to facilitate smoother transitions between the Monaro Highway southbound off-ramp and extensions of David Warren Road, and elaborate upgrades to the signalized crossway at Lanyon Drive and Sheppard Street – set to incorporate a direct into David Warren Road and the Monaro Highway southbound off-ramp.

A notable highlight of the upgrades is their minimal impact on the existing native vegetation in the surrounding area. A conscious effort has been made in the landscaping plans, soon to be finalized, to focus on incorporating local and native species. These plans are a testament to the commitment towards tree planting, water-sensitive urban design, and biodiversity conservation.

The project kicked off with crucial utility works early in January 2022, involving the relocation and protection of significant water mains and telecommunications infrastructure. This was followed by the relocation of two gas mains, a task that was completed recently. Early preparations have paved the way for the current phase, where site clearing and earthwork operations are being carried out with the help of heavy machinery.

Despite the expected positive outcomes, the construction phase will bring about temporary disruptions, particularly in travel times, including during peak hours. Motorists might face reduced speed limits and occasional lane closures. Public transport use or adjustments in travel schedules are recommended to mitigate these inconveniences.

The entire construction process is anticipated to span roughly three years. The Lanyon Drive Interchange marks the commencement of three planned interchanges on the Monaro Highway, each designed to enhance the travel experience and safety for motorists.

In statements provided, Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Local Government Minister Catherine King emphasized the project’s significance in supporting the growing populations, reducing congestion, and shortening travel times. She pointed out the expected creation of an estimated 700 jobs throughout the design and construction phases, highlighting the positive economic impacts alongside the infrastructural benefits.

ACT Minister for City Services Tara Cheyne echoed these sentiments, celebrating the beginning of construction as a step towards addressing the infrastructure needs of Canberra’s burgeoning population. Cheyne highlighted the safety and efficiency benefits of the upgrades, as well as their role in supporting the local economy and job creation.

With the project officially underway, it represents a pivotal development for improving the overall infrastructure, safety, and operational efficiency of the Monaro Highway, thereby contributing to the betterment of the Canberra community and surrounding regions. As the construction progresses, it holds the promise of transforming transportation dynamics south of Canberra, making a significant difference in the lives of the local and traversing communities.

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