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Major Boost for Climate Cardinals: Pledges $400,000 to Support Climate Science Translation Initiative

Climate Cardinals Receives Major Support from Google to Amplify Climate Science Translation Efforts

In an inspiring announcement at the Planet:Tech stage, amidst the vibrant discussions and groundbreaking revelations of Web Summit 2022, Climate Cardinals, a remarkable youth-led initiative, unveiled its ambitious plans to dramatically increase its translation efforts of scientific literature on climate change. Spearheading these efforts is the organization’s founder, Sofia Chianni, who has been instrumental in building a bridge between crucial climate knowledge and non-English speaking communities across the globe.

Since its inception during the trying times of the 2020 coronavirus quarantine, Climate Cardinals has grown from a visionary project by a high school senior into a formidable force with over 14,000 student volunteers spanning more than 80 countries. What started as a mission to make climate knowledge accessible has transformed into a global movement, translating over 2 million words of scientific literature into more than 100 languages.

The turning point for Climate Cardinals is set for Earth Day 2024, with Google’s philanthropic arm,, pledging $400,000 to support their noble cause. This significant infusion of funds is poised to double, if not triple, the organization’s annual translation output from 500,000 words to an astounding 1 to 3 million words.

Hikaru Wakir Hayakawa, Vice President and Deputy Executive Director of Climate Cardinals and a diligent student at Williams College, shared insights into the transformative impact of this contribution. According to Hayakawa, this ‘anchor funding’ does not only represent a financial lifeline but marks an era of professional growth and enhanced capacity for the nonprofit, which has previously relied on a shoestring budget and the unwavering dedication of its volunteers.

The mission of Climate Cardinals transcends the mere translation of words. It is about empowering communities worldwide, including those disproportionately affected by the climate crisis, with the knowledge and tools to advocate for climate justice and adapt to the changing environment. Despite the vast majority of scientific literature being available exclusively in English, initiatives like Climate Cardinals are pivotal in democratizing access to information, understanding that knowledge is a precursor to action.

In 2023, Climate Cardinals will leverage an AI-powered translation hub courtesy of Google, to expedite the translation of pivotal scientific works. This technological partnership aims at breaking the language barrier that hinders the global fight against climate change. The importance of this mission is underscored by the fact that significant documents, such as the reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), are currently available in only six official languages, reaching less than half of the global population.

Google’s backing of Climate Cardinals is part of its broader commitment to fostering solutions to the climate crisis through innovation and collaboration. Kate Brandt, Google’s Chief Sustainability Officer, highlighted the importance of supporting grassroot initiatives like Climate Cardinals that aim to make climate solutions more inclusive and sustainable.

The vision for Climate Cardinals does not stop at increasing translation efforts. The organization aspires to a future where it can sustain a full-time staff to continue its impactful work and compensate its dedicated volunteers. With an ideal annual budget of $1.2 million, Climate Cardinals aims to not only amplify its impact but also support the future environmental leaders dedicated to the cause.

As Climate Cardinals continues to expand its horizons and embrace new opportunities, it remains open to donations and volunteers who wish to contribute to this crucial fight against climate change. With the support of behemoths like Google and the collective power of thousands of dedicated young volunteers, Climate Cardinals is poised to play a pivotal role in ensuring climate knowledge is universal – transcending languages, borders, and barriers.

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