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LiftEx 2024: Redefining Industry Standards for Lifting Equipment and Height Safety on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast to Host Premier Lifting Equipment and Height Safety Event in 2024

The scenic Gold Coast is poised to welcome a pivotal industry gathering, LiftEx 2024, slated for September 12-13. This premier event will unfold at the classy Event Centre, Star Hotel, spotlighting the innovative horizon of lifting equipment and height safety protocols.

Envisioned as the ultimate convening for lifting and height safety gear aficionados, LiftEx Gold Coast is on a mission to showcase cutting-edge technologies, elevate safety standards, and spotlight industry best practices. This event presents an unrivalled platform for vendors of lifting apparatus and height safety solutions to exhibit their latest products directly to a niche audience of industry influencers, decision-makers, and frontline users, thereby fortifying their brand’s resonance with the highest industry echelons.

The assembly is expected to draw a diversified crowd, pulling professionals from multiple sectors including mining, oil & gas, infrastructure, construction, along with port & marine and, notably, the burgeoning sector of renewable energy. Not to be overlooked, key players from lifting and rigging establishments as well as safety oversight bodies are equally anticipated to grace the event, making LiftEx Gold Coast a melting pot of expertise and innovation.

Amid the buzz of anticipation, Justin Boehm, Regional Manager for Australia and New Zealand at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, casts LiftEx 2024 as a landmark moment for the industry. It’s poised to forge a path toward fresh technological advancements while crafting new benchmarks in best practices for lifting equipment. This event stands not merely as a gathering but as a beacon that promises to redefine industry paradigms. “Mark your calendars,” Boehm emphasizes, “LiftEx on the Gold Coast is poised to redefine industry standards in 2024.”

This distinctive event encapsulates a golden opportunity for stakeholders across relevant sectors to navigate the latest innovations, steer through evolving safety standards, and network with contemporaries, thereby molding the future of the lifting and height safety landscape.

As the dates draw near, LiftEx Gold Coast 2024 emerges not just as an event but as a pivotal landmark in the march towards enhanced safety and operational excellence in lifting practices across industries. This convergence is a clarion call for professionals vested in advancing their knowledge, leveraging new technologies, and aligning with best-in-class industry practices.

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