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Highlighting Local Business Excellence: A Look at McLean County’s Annual Awards Gala

Highlighting Local Business Excellence: McLean County’s Gala Event

On a memorable evening at Illinois State University’s Brown Ballroom, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce hosted its 14th annual Business Excellence Awards Gala. This prestigious event saw a gathering of 750 business and community leaders, all coming together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of local businesses. The gala, which was a sold-out affair, showcased the vibrancy and diversity of the business community in McLean County, spanning various sectors and sizes.

The awards highlighted the evening, distinguishing businesses in five key categories. These categories were designed to recognize the diverse range of businesses that contribute to the local economy, community, and social fabric of McLean County.

Spotlighting Excellence in Micro Businesses

Among the accolades was the Micro Business Excellence Award, which celebrated Tracy Patkunas of RE/MAX Rising. Known for her exceptional professionalism and dedication, Patkunas has not only excelled in her field but has also devoted ample time to various community endeavors, enhancing the lives of McLean County residents.

Recognizing Success in Small Businesses

The Small Business Excellence Award was bestowed upon Team Wycoff of Berkshire Hathaway. This team, consisting of seven adept Realtors and an executive assistant, has made significant contributions through their high volume of home sales, alongside their profound community involvement and support for charitable causes.

Applauding Achievements in Large Enterprises

Synergy Homecare was honored with the Large Business Excellence Award, celebrating its growth and commitment to care since its establishment in Bloomington-Normal in 2013. With an impressive expansion to three additional locations and over 450 caregivers, Synergy Homecare has made a notable impact on the community, including veterans and children in need.

Saluting New and Emerging Businesses

AXIS 360 Commercial Real Estate, in its inaugural year, garnered the New & Emerging Business Excellence Award. With an impressive $26 million in sales and a team of nine commercial brokers, AXIS 360 has quickly positioned itself as a forward-thinking leader in the commercial real estate market of McLean County, actively contributing to the community’s development and housing accessibility.

Cherishing Nonprofit Excellence

The Bloomington-Normal YMCA was recognized with the Nonprofit Excellence Award, a testament to its longstanding dedication and recent achievements, including surpassing its fundraising goals for a new facility that serves individuals of all ages and financial backgrounds, promoting health, wellness, and community engagement across McLean County.

The gala was not just a celebration of business success but also of community impact, with a special nod to David Kieser, founder of Midwest Foodbank, who received the Legacy of Excellence Award. Through his visionary leadership, Midwest Foodbank has significantly expanded its reach, impacting countless lives across the globe.

The McLean County Chamber of Commerce’s annual gala not only underscores the achievements of its business community but also reinforces the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and philanthropy that defines McLean County. This event, brimming with inspiration and camaraderie, sets the stage for another year of excellence and community service among local businesses.

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