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Enhancing Safety and Ecological Health: The Upcoming Hazard Reduction Burn in Deua National Park

MIL-OSI Australia: Hazard reduction burn in Deua National Park Monday

In an effort to bolster the safety of rural communities and enhance ecological health, a crucial hazard reduction burn will take place in Deua National Park this Monday. This proactive environmental management action is set to treat an expanse of approximately 171 hectares of bushland, situated 11 kilometres west of Moruya, nestled off Evelyn Reid Drive. The primary objectives of this exercise are multifaceted, aiming not only to safeguard communities but also to foster the park’s biodiversity.

This carefully planned operation is a strategic measure aimed at fortifying the defences of the adjacent Wamban and Moruya communities against the potential threat of future bushfires. By conducting these controlled, low-intensity burns, the park management seeks to create a safer environment for both residents and the natural habitat. Additionally, these burns are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems, as they help in regenerating plant life and creating habitats conducive to the survival of diverse animal species.

Beyond its ecological benefits, the burn is designed to enhance firefighting capabilities by ensuring safer access throughout the park. This is particularly vital for enabling efficient and effective responses to any future wildfires that may arise, thereby significantly mitigating the risk to both human life and biodiversity.

Due to the operation, certain access points, including the Coondella Fire Trail, Coondella Road, and Evelyn Reid Drive, will be temporarily closed to the public. Park authorities urge visitors and locals to respect these closures for their safety and to facilitate the smooth execution of the burn. The affected areas will be promptly reopened once they have been deemed safe, with updates and closures information to be communicated through NPWS Alerts.

While the burn is expected to be controlled and contained, its smoke may be visible from various points within the national park and the surrounding regions, including Moruya. Motorists traversing nearby roads such as Donald’s Creek Road and Milikins Road are advised to exercise caution and remain vigilant of the reduced visibility and potential hazards caused by smoke.

Individuals with health conditions that could be exacerbated by smoke exposure are encouraged to remain informed about air quality by subscribing to updates, forecasts, and alerts from relevant health and environmental authorities. These updates can be crucial in helping susceptible persons take necessary precautions to protect their health during and after the burn.

For anyone seeking advice on health issues related to smoke from the burn, resources and information are available through NSW Health and Asthma Australia. These organisations provide valuable guidance on how to minimize health risks associated with smoke inhalation from bushfires and controlled burns.

The upcoming hazard reduction burn in Deua National Park represents a balanced approach to fire management, prioritizing the protection of communities while nurturing the vitality of the park’s ecosystems. Through these measures, park authorities and environmental managers demonstrate a commitment to maintaining the ecological integrity and safety of our natural landscapes.

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