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Delhi Municipal’s Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Waterlogging in Anticipation of Heavy Rains

Delhi Civic Body’s Detailed Plan To Tackle Waterlogging Amid Heavy Rain Predictions

In light of forecasts warning of extreme rainfall events hitting the capital, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has developed an in-depth blueprint aimed at combating the issue of waterlogging, thus ensuring rapid response mechanisms are in place for any arising complications.

The vice-chairman of NDMC, Satish Upadhyay, shared insights into the council’s assertive actions, stating that a list of five areas particularly susceptible to flooding has been compiled through inputs from both the community and traffic enforcement authorities. The identified regions include Africa Avenue, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Panchkuian Road, Purana Quila Road, and Lodhi Estate.

To keep a vigilant eye on these high-risk zones, round-the-clock CCTV surveillance has been set up. Upadhyay mentioned, “To battle the challenge of water stagnation head-on, super suction machines will be operational around the clock at all the critical points highlighted.”

Equipping themselves further, Upadhyay revealed that each of these pivotal sites has access to 10 main and an additional 10 standby pumps, ensuring a robust machinery setup ready to tackle excess water efficiently. In a stride towards enhancing the workforce, a contingent of 48 staffers has been specifically assigned to manage the risks of waterlogging in territories under NDMC’s jurisdiction.

“Superintending Engineers will have a direct oversight on the vulnerable areas to guarantee prompt actions,” Upadhyay conveyed, demonstrating the council’s commitment to being one step ahead in tackling potential flooding events.

In addition, a special focus on places like Bharti Nagar has seen the introduction of supplementary pumps, further empowering the council’s ability to manage water accumulation swiftly and more effectively.

The capital has recently faced severe adverse effects due to the heavy downpour, which resulted in 11 casualties linked to the rain and marked the highest single-day June rainfall the city has seen in over 88 years this past Friday. The deluge led to widespread flooding, severely affecting daily life and leaving numerous commuters in distress.

With more harsh weather conditions on the horizon, NDMC is taking aggressive steps to ensure the well-being of Delhi’s residents by minimizing the disruptions caused by heavy rains. This rigorous approach highlights the preparedness of the civic authority to protect its inhabitants against the challenges posed by monsoon showers.

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