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Deciphering Environmental Science: A Review of UPSC CSE Past Questions – Part II

UPSC CSE 2024 Handbook: Exploring Environment & Ecology Questions from Previous Years, Part II

The Union Public Service Commission’s Civil Services Examination stands amongst the most challenging assessments in India, magnetizing countless aspirants each year. The journey from preliminary exams to becoming esteemed civil servants is arduous. As the prelims stage is pivotal, revisiting and practicing through mock tests become crucial for candidates aiming for success.

In light of this, we delve into a collection of intriguing past questions focused on environmental science. These not only serve as a litmus test for your readiness but also enrich your knowledge bank. Let’s explore:

I. Fungal Farmers of the Animal Kingdom

Question: Which organism is renowned for its proficiency in fungal cultivation?

Solution: It’s fascinating to note that certain ant species excel in fungus farming, showcasing an incredible example of symbiosis in nature.

II. Urban Green Spaces: The Miyawaki Technique

Question: The environmentally conscious Miyawaki method is associated with which of the following activities?

  • Promoting intensive farming in dry regions
  • Introducing genetically modified plants into gardens
  • Establishing compact forests within city landscapes
  • Utilizing wind power across coastal and maritime zones

Solution: The efficient Miyawaki approach is celebrated for its ability to foster dense urban forests, contributing significantly to the greening of metropolitan areas.

III. Coral Healing via Biorock Technology

Question: In which context does ‘Biorock technology’ find its application?

  • Rehabilitating coral ecosystems
  • Producing construction materials from vegetative waste
  • Scouting for shale gas reserves
  • Provisioning mineral blocks in wildlife sanctuaries

Solution: Biorock technology shines in the ecological restoration of coral reefs, aiding in their recovery and resilience.

IV. The Aquatic Grace of Golden Mahseer

Question: Is the Golden Mahseer a species of bird?

Solution: Contrary to what might be suggested, the Golden Mahseer is actually a distinguished fish species, not a bird.

V. The Nitrogen Wizards of the Plant World

Question: Among the listed options, which plants have the capability to fix nitrogen?

Solution: The magic of nitrogen fixation is wielded by plants like Alfalfa, Chickpea, and Clover, vital for enriching soil fertility.

As we dissect these insightful questions from previous UPSC CSE examinations, it’s evident that a robust understanding of environmental and ecological principles is imperative. Each question invites us to deeper contemplation and learning, serving as stepping stones towards our overarching goal of excelling in the civil services examinations. May your preparation journey be filled with curiosity, discovery, and success. Embrace these past queries as tools to sharpen your prowess for the environmental science segment, propelling you closer to your dream of contributing meaningfully to civil services.

Marcus Rivero

Marcus Rivero is an environmental journalist with over ten years of experience covering the most pressing environmental issues of our time. From the melting ice caps of the Arctic to the deforestation of the Amazon, Marcus has brought critical stories to the forefront of public consciousness. His expertise lies in dissecting global environmental policies and showcasing the latest in renewable energy technologies. Marcus' writing not only informs but also challenges readers to rethink their relationship with the Earth, advocating for a collective push towards a more sustainable future.

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