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Criminalizing Ecocide: Gina Miller’s Bold Move to Protect the Environment and Highlight the UK’s Lagging Efforts

Gina Miller Advocates for the Criminalization of Ecocide, Highlighting the UK’s Environmental Protection Lag

In a bold move to safeguard the environment, Gina Miller, previously known for her anti-Brexit stance, has launched a vigorous campaign advocating for the criminalization of ecocide. Her proposal, aimed at addressing significant environmental damage caused by large corporations, could lead to severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to 10 years or fines reaching £3.85 million.

Miller’s initiative shines a spotlight on the UK’s diminishing stance on environmental protection, especially when compared against the European Union’s more aggressive policies. According to her, the aftermath of Brexit has resulted in the UK falling behind its European counterparts, primarily due to weakened environmental rules and a reduction in climate ambitions. She emphasizes the crucial need for the UK to reinstate itself as a global leader in environmental protection, warning of the dire consequences of continued negligence.

Her concerns are underscored by the EU’s recent legislative advancements, where the European Parliament approved an update to the bloc’s environmental crime directive, effectively criminalizing large-scale environmental damage. This move positioned the EU as a pioneer in legislating against ecocide, with France already having similar regulations in place. This development serves as a clarion call for the UK to follow suit and bolster its environmental protection laws.

Miller, who will lead the True & Fair party in the upcoming general election, points out that a significant portion of the UK’s environmental regulations originated from EU legislation. However, post-Brexit, the UK has been slow to adopt new protective measures, lagging in areas such as water treatment, air quality, and industrial emissions. This discrepancy, as analyzed by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), marks a growing divergence in environmental ambitions between the UK and Europe, with the UK’s efforts seen as increasingly insufficient.

The True & Fair party has taken a pioneering stance by incorporating ecocide into its manifesto, marking it as the first British political party to do so ahead of a general election. This move comes amidst criticisms of other major political parties in the UK, highlighting their failure to prioritize substantial environmental investments and commitments. The urgency of addressing climate change has never been more evident, with the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) reporting unprecedented climate change indicators and 2023 being marked as the hottest year on record.

Miller’s proposal extends beyond national borders, advocating for the recognition of ecocide as a punishable crime by the International Criminal Court, akin to genocide and war crimes. This bold approach has garnered support from notable figures such as broadcaster and environmental advocate Chris Packham, who commends the initiative as both brave and necessary in the face of the ongoing climate and biodiversity crises. Similarly, Georgia Elliott-Smith, director of Fighting Dirty, supports the notion, emphasizing the simplicity and effectiveness of criminalizing ecocide in ensuring corporate accountability for environmental damage.

In response to these developments, a spokesperson from the Environment Department (Defra) reassured the public of the UK’s commitment to enhancing environmental standards. Citing the Environment Act’s legally binding targets and stringent policies that meet or even exceed EU targets, Defra asserts the UK’s continued dedication to environmental protection. The spokesperson highlighted the existing law which embodies the ‘polluter pays’ principle, stressing the ongoing efforts to hold polluters accountable through enhanced inspections, regulatory changes, and unlimited penalties enforced by the Environment Agency.

Miller’s campaign to criminalize ecocide signifies a pivotal movement in environmental advocacy within the UK, challenging the nation to elevate its commitment to safeguarding the planet for future generations. As the discourse unfolds, the UK faces a decisive moment to realign its environmental policies and reaffirm its position as a global leader in the fight against climate change.

Ava Bloom

Ava Bloom is an eco-influencer and sustainability coach who has transformed her commitment to a zero-waste lifestyle into a catalyst for change. Through her engaging social media presence and hands-on workshops, Ava teaches the beauty and feasibility of sustainable living. Her journey is one of continuous learning and sharing, from eco-friendly home practices to advocating for sustainable fashion. Ava's articles are a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and motivational insights, empowering readers to make small changes that have a big impact on our planet.

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