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Cao Bằng Gears Up for the 8th Asia Pacific Geoparks Network Symposium: A Strategic Move to Boost Local Tourism and Global Perception

Cao Bằng Prepares for Prestigious Geoparks Network Symposium

In an ambitious move, the northern province of Cao Bằng in Vietnam is gearing up to host the 8th Symposium of the Asia Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN), setting the stage for September 12 to 15. This significant event is being organized under the aegis of the provincial People’s Committee, with close coordination from both the Vietnam National Committee for UNESCO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The symposium represents a strategic effort to catapult Cao Bằng onto the international stage, showcasing its cultural and natural jewels, while giving a substantial boost to local tourism.

The symposium is not just another conference; it promises to be a gathering of global proportions, drawing as many as a thousand attendees, including representatives from over 90 geoparks part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network, in addition to a host of national and international experts. The primary objective is multifaceted – to foster discussions on policies for efficient geopark management and promotion, facilitate international cooperation, exchange valuable experiences, and ultimately, enhance the global perception of Vietnam and Cao Bằng’s unique landscapes and cultural heritage.

Looking to leave no stone unturned, the province has meticulously plotted out every aspect of the event. Special teams comprising assistants, coordinators, volunteers, interpreters, and drivers have been established to ensure the conference runs without a hitch. An accompanying photo exhibition is also in the works, poised to capture the scenic beauty of Cao Bằng and the famed Non Nước Cao Bằng UNESCO Global Geopark with a vivid array of visuals.

The event’s agenda is packed with various pivotal meetings including the UNESCO Global Geopark Council sessions, APGN Coordination Committee and Advisory Committee consults, alongside general and thematic seminars. Moreover, the symposium will also facilitate bi-lateral discussions between regional geoparks and augment the experience with cultural and artistic showcases, highlighting the rich heritage and vibrant community life in Cao Bằng.

A recent visit by a delegation from the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network, led by the esteemed Chairman of the UNESCO Global Geopark Council, has laid the groundwork for what is anticipated to be a landmark conference. The delegation’s recommendations underscored the importance of accentuating Cao Bằng’s unique cultural attributes and fostering a spirit of unity within the global geopark community.

Non Nước Cao Bằng, a UNESCO Global Geopark since 2018, is a veritable playground for geologists and nature lovers alike. Spanning over 3, and home to diverse ethnic groups, this geopark serves as a living museum, offering insights into the Earth’s history spanning more than 500 million years. Its landscapes are a testament to the planet’s evolutionary journey, showcasing a remarkable geological heritage that includes fossils, marine sediment, and a variety of rock formations.

Beyond geology, Cao Bằng boasts an array of natural wonders and scenic attractions, from the Phia Oắc Ecotourism Area and Thang Hen Lake cluster to the breathtaking Bản Giốc Waterfall, celebrated as one of the world’s most majestic border waterfalls. The upcoming symposium is viewed as a golden opportunity to thrust these natural treasures into the global spotlight, contributing to the province’s ambitious goal of attracting over 1.9 million visitors this year, including a significant number of international tourists.

As September draws near, the anticipation for the 8th International Conference of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network in the Asia-Pacific region continues to build. This event promises not merely to be a conference but a celebration of geological heritage, biodiversity, and cultural richness, positioning Cao Bằng as a key player on the international stage of sustainable tourism and environmental conservation.

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