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Ana Mandara Cam Ranh Resort & Spa: A Beacon of Sustainability Receives 2024 ASEAN Green Hotel Recognition

Ana Mandara Cam Ranh Resort & Spa Secures Prestigious ASEAN Green Hotel Recognition for 2024

Perched on the pristine shores of Bai Dai Beach skirting Cam Ranh Bay, Ana Mandara Cam Ranh Resort & Spa stands as a beacon of sustainability and eco-friendly luxury. With its strategic location, stunning architectural design, and a diverse array of amenities, the resort offers a unique blend of comfort and ecological consciousness.

At the heart of its philosophy, Ana Mandara embraces a profound respect for nature, believing it to be essential in fostering meaningful connections between individuals and the environment. This is evident in its commitment to preserving over 85 percent of the resort’s land as open space. This deliberate choice promotes energy efficiency and fosters a deeper bond with the natural world, aligning with the resort’s overarching mission of sustainability.

The resort’s dedication to preserving the environment is apparent in its selection of materials and operational practices. Utilizing more than 80 percent of natural, unburned materials like coconut leaves, rattan, bamboo, and wood, Ana Mandara Cam Ranh Resort & Spa minimizes its carbon footprint and supports the local ecosystem. LED lighting and solar-powered hot water systems are just some examples of the resort’s investment in environmentally friendly solutions.

Le Dai Hai, the General Manager of Ana Mandara Cam Ranh, emphasized the importance of community involvement in the resort’s sustainability efforts. With a workforce comprised of over 90 percent local residents, the team at Ana Mandara serves not only as staff but as dedicated ‘Environmental Ambassadors.’ These ambassadors take an active role in educating the community and guests about sustainable living practices and the collective effort required to preserve the beauty and integrity of Cam Ranh Bay.

The resort’s green initiatives extend beyond its architecture and community engagement efforts. Ana Mandara Cam Ranh undertakes a comprehensive approach to sustainability that includes harnessing renewable energy sources, advancing recycling initiatives, and minimizing plastic waste. An on-site water bottling plant and the transformation of organic waste into compost are testaments to the resort’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

This dedication to blending luxury with sustainability has not gone unnoticed. Having received multiple accolades over its 25-year presence in Khanh Hoa province, Ana Mandara Cam Ranh Resort & Spa continues to stand out as a leader in the green hospitality sector. The resort recently garnered the prestigious “ASEAN Green Hotel Awards 2024,” a testament to its innovative approach to business and environmental governance. This recognition comes shortly after being named “Asia’s Leading New Resort” at the World Travel Awards 2023, highlighting its significant impact on the hospitality industry.

“Reaching out to sea involves more than just, remaining committed to offering a guest experience that is harmoniously balanced with our environmental preservation efforts,” explained Le Dai Hai. “With a vision to offer ‘one destination – multiple touchpoints,’ we aspire to extend beyond the tranquility of our resort, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a journey of discovery and ecological awareness. We believe that once guests have experienced Ana Mandara Cam Ranh, they will be eager to return, having been touched by the beauty of nature and our commitment to its preservation.”

As Ana Mandara Cam Ranh Resort & Spa continues to set the standard for eco-friendly luxury, it not only serves as a haven for travelers but also as a model for sustainable tourism practices worldwide. With each guest that walks through its doors, the resort moves a step closer to its vision of a greener, more connected world.

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