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All-Female Crew Embarks on 2,000-Mile Row for Ocean Research in GB Row Challenge

Female Crew Set for 2,000-Mile Row in Ocean Research Quest

In an awe-inspiring testament to human endurance and commitment to environmental stewardship, an all-female crew is preparing to embark on a daunting and significant 2,000-mile journey around the British Isles. Launching their voyage from the iconic Tower Bridge in London on June 9, 2024, their odyssey serves a dual purpose: challenging physical limits and championing the cause of oceanic health and conservation through the GB Row Challenge.

The GB Row Challenge distinguishes itself as the most rigorous rowing contest globally, demanding teams to navigate Britain’s formidable waters continuously and without any external support. Nonetheless, the adventurous spirit and robust determination of the female crew transcends the physical rigors as they aim to harness this opportunity to collect paramount data pivotal for ecological research, spotlighting the urgent need for ocean preservation.

The collective named ‘Sea Change’ seeks not only to etch their name as the third all-female group to finish this colossal challenge but also to illuminate the efforts towards restoring the vibrant life within our oceans. With varying professional backgrounds intertwining environmental science, technology, and conservation, each member brings a unique perspective towards addressing ecological challenges. Driven by a shared passion for marine ecology, the ‘Sea Change’ crew marries adventure with scientific inquiry all throughout their journey.

At the helm is Dr. Kat Bruce, a trailblazer in environmental DNA technology and a fervent rower who previously partook in the 2022 edition of the GB Row Challenge. Dr. Bruce encapsulates the essence of the mission, emphasizing the privilege to witness the coastal biodiversity anew alongside a team of extraordinary women committed to ecological engagement and restoration efforts.

The crew will rigorously collect data concerning ocean health and pollution, entrusted to the analytical expertise of scientists from the University of Portsmouth. This collaboration aims to deepen our understanding of human impacts on marine ecosystems, steering strategies for conservation and sustainable interaction with our oceans.

Professor Fay Couceiro, a leading figure in environmental pollution research at the University of Portsmouth, highlighted the crucial link between ocean health and our planet’s wellbeing. She commended the Sea Change crew for their hands-on contribution to vital environmental research through their physically demanding endeavor.

Comprising professionals from the realms of marine biology, ecology, and environmental science, the Sea Change crew represents a beacon of hope and resilience. Their expedition underscores a profound commitment to safeguarding marine environments, leveraging their journey as a means to foster global awareness and advocate for sustainable practices.

The initiative has garnered the support of the GB Row Challenge’s founder, William de Laszlo, who expressed enthusiasm for the crew’s ambitious mission and the significant data collection endeavor they undertake for the better understanding of human impact on the oceans.

Partnering with the Blue Marine Foundation, an organization dedicated to combatting ocean degradation globally, the Sea Change crew underscores the collective responsibility towards restoring the health of our oceans for future generations.

This spirited undertaking by the Sea Change crew resonates as a clarion call for environmental stewardship, blending the raw challenge of endurance rowing with a profound purpose. As they set their sights on the horizon, their journey symbolizes a steadfast commitment to a cause far greater than the sum of its parts—ushering in a wave of change, one stroke at a time.

Marcus Rivero

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