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Abu Dhabi Ushers in New Maritime Era: Inauguration of Saadiyat Marina & Ferry Terminal and Rabdan Marina

Inauguration of Saadiyat Marina & Ferry Terminal and Rabdan Marina Creates New Maritime Gateways for Abu Dhabi Community

Abu Dhabi has ushered in a new era for its maritime sector with the opening of two state-of-the-art marina facilities, Saadiyat Marina & Ferry Terminal and Rabdan Marina. This development signifies a monumental stride in bolstering the emirate’s maritime connectivity and infrastructure and solidifies its commitment to fostering a thriving marine ecosystem.

The Saadiyat Marina & Ferry Terminal is engineered to be a versatile marine hub, catering to an array of vessels. It boasts a comprehensive list of amenities including 64 floating pontoons for vessel mooring, a wide 10-metre slipway, 12 dry berths, alongside 6 commercial outlets. The facility doesn’t stop there; it also offers 70 parking spaces and modern administrative buildings for seamless operations. Among its standout features is the cutting-edge ferry terminal, equipped with two ramps, facilitating crucial commuting links to Saadiyat and surrounding islands, thus serving both the maritime community and visitors.

Meanwhile, nestled in the Rabdan area, the Rabdan Marina is designed primarily for leisure boats and jet skis, featuring 19 berths alongside a 14-metre slipway and 18 dry berths. It doesn’t fall short on amenities, offering F&B outlets, dock utilities, and ensured security with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Its services range from boat launching and recovery to washing and engine flushing, coupled with assisted berthing. Adding to its allure are the retail venues and the pristine view it offers of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, making it a notable destination for both the boating community and tourists.

In alignment with the vision of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) and AD Ports Group, this development extends beyond infrastructure enhancement to include the responsible stewardship of marine environments. In anticipation of Saadiyat Marina’s potential impact on marine habitats, extensive environmental research was undertaken, culminating in the installation of seventeen ecological articulated concrete mattresses on the seabed of Saadiyat Marina & Ferry Terminal. This was complemented by the introduction of eco sea wall panels on the quay walls. These initiatives underscore a commitment to eco-friendly development that nurtures biodiversity and water quality, ensuring the preservation of marine life.

The launch of these marinas is a testament to Abu Dhabi’s endeavor to modernize its maritime infrastructure while nurturing the marine environment. The officials echoed the sentiment of commitment to maintaining Abu Dhabi’s stature as a global maritime hub, emphasizing the dual goals of infrastructural modernization and environmental sustainability. These efforts are poised to foster a positive dynamic among the varied components of the marine ecosystem.

The fruition of such ambitious projects as Saadiyat Marina & Ferry Terminal and Rabdan Marina heralds a future of maritime excellence in Abu Dhabi. It reflects a concerted effort to elevate the emirate’s maritime facilities to world-class standards, aimed at enhancing both leisure and commercial maritime experiences while promoting environmental stewardship. As Abu Dhabi moves forward, these developments mark significant milestones in realizing its aspiration to become a global maritime leader.

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